CSC EmergenSee

Live Video and Audio
Once EmergenSee is launched, it sends a distress alert, streaming live audio and video to the CSC monitoring center to be instantly reviewed.

GPS location
EmergenSee’s unique GPS technology ensures that CSC will alert the proper authorities in the area as the incident develops.

Real-Time Texting (Chat)
Communicate in real time through text messages if you find yourself in a threatening situation where calling or speaking might endanger you or others.

Virtual Escort
Set the timer when you leave for a destination. If it expires, EmergenSee automatically launches, sending video, audio, and your location directory to the CSC certified monitoring professionals.

Contacts Alerted
Along with alerting the CSC monitoring center, EmergenSee can also alert your selected personal contacts.

Personal Profile
EmergenSee offers the option to any user to provide detailed profile information. This can include a current picture or any critical information, such as medical conditions that you feel would be helpful knowledge to effectively respond whenever an incident is started.

3  Steps To Safety

  1. You launch EmergenSee.
  2. CSC’s professional monitoring center
    receives live video, audio, and your GPS location.
  3. CSC dispatches the proper authorities.